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Pop wrote

Did you mean to post this in f/meta_? I can only imagine you are a new user?



ergdj5 wrote

Ignorance isn't a virtue. Gatekeeping implies that any ignorant joker can talk about things they know nothing about and we shouldn't try to correct them?


Pop wrote

Correcting people is different from preventing them from speaking in the first place

this isn't a communist or anarchist or whatever site

go be the king standing at the drawbridge of some other castle, we don't like kings or castles around here

they're boring


ergdj5 wrote

I just want my comrades to be educated and not join in debate about radical politics without understanding the subject first. I don't think that makes me a king of a castle or a gatekeeper.

Education is our greatest weapon.

It's perfectly reasonable to want to encourage intellectualism over the laughable meme-politics you see around here.


ziq wrote

There's literally no community on the internet as politically astute as this one. And I'm more critical of raddlers than anyone.


ergdj5 wrote

You only think that because you pushed everyone you disagreed with off of the site.


Pop wrote

I dunno, half of the regular posters around here are dauntingly well-educated

Not sure why you think this site's about meme politics, have you really looked around? You appear to have trouble recognising all of the relevant points of context


ergdj5 wrote

There's a lot of unironic smashy-smashy anarchism and other ignorant ass things. Like everyone attacking Elon Musk for daring to promote our politics. Don't you people realize what a huge platform his twitter feed is? The fact that the most famous businessman in the world today is promoting anarchism should make us all thankful. Instead, everyone mocks him for trying...