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ergdj5 wrote

far-right wing

It's not even slightly political. This is what I'm talking about, labeling things you don't like as reactionary just to silence them.


amongstclouds wrote

Okay, you're now showing dangerous signs as to what you really think and it's astonishing you're still trying this hard despite the obvious source of humor this is providing.


DaisyDisaster wrote

Uh, r/KotakuInAction is actually pretty well known as a place for GamerGaters, as is r/GenderCritical for TERFs.

No one attacked u/conniecommie in this thread. You're doing what you're accusing others of doing - trying to silence people you don't like.


ergdj5 wrote

Granted I don't know very much about the other two, but I've posted on r/drama for years and it's completely apolitical. It's like South Park.


yaaqov wrote

Apolitical like... South Park??? Christ.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

but I've posted on r/drama for years and it's completely apolitical. It's like South Park.

haaha, what??

There is no such thing as "completely apolitical". South Park especially...

Edit: There is a lot to say for where to begin, but I'll at least put the effort into saying this:

Every action and expression is political. Often in this society, the platform for high distribution of expression is generally reserved for rich white cis men, like Matt and Trey. So the perspective they espouse becomes added to the plethora of other rich white cis male perspectives already repeating in every way to everyone. And that's just a small influence of their political bias coming out in their expression.

The entity that employs them is extremely political, and I bet Matt and Trey know what toes they can't step on, even if they try to push some buttons. But they are capitalist entertainers, and anything that is at their stage of distribution is irrelevant politically at best and propogating personal expressions of capitalism (read: capitalist propaganda) at worst. On top of this, they quite often feed into reactionary ideology and glorify horrible bigoted characters.

ok, that's all the energy I have for this...