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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't think of this place as an anarchist site. I don't care for the left/right divide, but despite the large focus on anarchist stuff (because the two main historical posters of the site are anarchist), I think that framing the site as for anything but ToS violations is desirable, and that the more different stuff we have here the better. I'd rather productively disagree with authoritarians who happen also to know a whole bunch of whatever that I don't, than to start putting up black flags all over the site. Nobody has any illusions about our differences, afaik, and productive conversation rather than an insider-outsider relationship sounds good to me.

Anybody can design and implement the CSS they chose. Currently my frog is neither red nor black. I'd love for people to make some new themes.

So I oppose this.


sand wrote

I think that framing the site as for anything but ToS violations is desirable

probably meant "is not desirable"?


ziq wrote

what css are you using?


ergdj5 wrote

Though, the frog currently is red, and the seal prior was that of a hammer and sickle; I don't think its currently neutral, but I think we should move past the concept of 'right/left' and that black would be more neutral than anything, with not immediately stressing the site as socialist.


raindropq wrote (edited )

there's no anarchy without communism (and vice-versa)

: can the frog have some dreamy black-star sunglasses for their eyes ?


ergdj5 wrote

I'd say mutualism and such are valid anarchist ideologies themselves, whilst clearly not being communist in the sense I think most people would use, no?


raindropq wrote

most people think communism is fascist


noordinaryspider wrote

According to my Hong Konger friend, that word, "communism", has been completely co-opted in China and it means the same thing as "fascism" there and in Hong Kong.


Don't forget that in Germany they called something The National Socialist Party or something in 1933 but it was a phishing site with a huge trojan horse payload......