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ziq wrote (edited )

They banned someone from f/communism for 'equating the Holodomor with the holocaust - liberalism'. On numerous occasions they proposed banning people from speaking ill of tankies. They don't keep it a secret, ask them. They're a proud ML.

More about our history here:


ergdj5 wrote

This doesn't seem to be evidence, its still just the claim I was referring to prior; I'm not taking sides, frankly I don't give a shit, but could you directly post to the original cases?


ziq wrote (edited )

Sigh. Why couldn't you just ask her instead of making me 'prove' her ideology to you? When she left the site she got me to delete all her post history. I did that and then she asked I delete all the themes she made for the site to spite me further. I had no ability to delete themes, so instead I spent hours making dozens of new themes and overwrote her themes with them. I renamed her now empty account to ziq_themes2. I did the same with her comrade who made the same demands.

Look at the f/communism moderation log:

ziq_themes2 moderator banned deleted___ (expires: 3 days later). Reason: "Liberalism (equating holodomor to holocaust)" — 7 months ago

That was shiningwing.

Now just literally ask her or anyone that knows her about her politics; because her entire post history was deleted at her request months ago and you can't expect me to link to posts that no longer exist.


ziq wrote (edited )

And her being an ML isn't a crime, it's just the reason I don't want her to control raddle's primary chat room. Especially since she hijacked the old room to make her friends (who have been attacking me and the site non stop for months) admins.

I tried to put an end to the drama that has been plaguing the chatroom by temporarily banning the worst offenders and setting new guidelines to prevent them from attacking raddle users and perpetuating the stressful atmosphere, but she decided to undo my measures and give the room to the trolls permanently so no one could curtail their noxious behavior.

She has no right to appoint herself the queen of raddle on matrix. She has nothing but spite for this site.