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ziq wrote (edited )

Ban COINTELPRO mimicking behavior.

Including witch hunts, faux struggle sessions against users that aren't breaking any rules and toxic alt accusations and reactionary character assassination meant to discredit people that aren't buying a toxic clique's groupthink.

When people are engaging in prolonged personal attacks against specific users as a way to prolong petty drama, tell them to stop and ban them if they won't. Especially when they make vague passive aggressive and unsubstantiated accusations about users in order to spread fear and doubt and turn their enemies into pariahs they can boo and hiss to get their kicks.

Stop tolerating invasions of user's security culture and privacy completely. Like most anarchists, when my privacy is violated, I freak out; which lets the people engaged in the abuse appear as if they have the high ground. They don't. No anarchist should put up with security culture violations.

If I could link to the matrix, I'd have hundreds more incredibly toxic examples. That's the main venue for reactionary behavior, and then it would bleed onto the main site after spawning there.

The matrix is where the drama factory was centralized and that's why it needed to be dealt with swiftly after months of walking on eggshells so as not to upset the toxic clique holding the site hostage.


ziq wrote (edited )

also to be honest: by not asking what people don't like about raddle, because that's just an invitation for bitter trolls to attack people (me) with their alts. I especially abhor passive aggressive trolling but the ziq-ruins-everything alts are almost as annoying and I guess they're just as passive aggressive since they're hiding behind throwaways.