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ziq wrote (edited )

stopped seeing raddle as their own personal space to 'challenge people on their beliefs' without solicitation

I think that's unfair. I post memes about ideology, people don't have to engage with them. It's not like I go into f/lenin and start badmouthing lenin. I post memes to the general meme forum about an ideology or a historic figure and they respond by posting memes about me. It's a huge difference. I wouldn't violate a space set up for their ideology to force confront them. If they want to engage me about the meme, they can do so and I'll always explain my reasoning thoroughly and won't engage in a personal attack.


ziq wrote (edited )

that being said I am going to be less mocking of my political opponents going forward because of a conversation I had with tequila_wolf about how I engage people and its debatable effectiveness.