[MOD APPLICATION] subatomic0 for /f/hobbyelectronics

Submitted by subatomic0 in meta

To be completely honest, I don't even know a lot about electronics; quite little actually. However, I would REALLY like to change the theme of the sub because right now its a weird green and it's impossible to read anything, and, as far as I can tell, there are no other moderators to do it. I'm getting more involved in learning electronics now that I have more free time, so I'll be posting in the sub a bit more too to hopefully make it more active.



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365degrees wrote

I think hobbyelectronics was one of the first forums I made when Raddle was new, and you have my support for running it now.

The shit green theme was a ziq one.


ziq wrote (edited )

Maybe you and your comrade shouldn't have demanded we delete all your themes, thus forcing me to overwrite them all with dozens of new themes I threw together in a few hours.



365degrees wrote

You could have just replaced them with nothing.


ziq wrote

you're such a passive aggressive little sod, why don't you fuck off to a site you don't despise?