Please don't ban me. I'm going to leave this site until I change my views

Submitted by happysmash27 in meta

Hello. I tried changing a terrible view of mine by using this site and failed horribly. For this reason, I have deleted my thread about it and will be going to /r/changemyview instead. I would like to thank everyone who tried, and I recognize that my views are wrong, but I still need to convince myself that this is the case. Please don't ban me; this site is my only hope, and I can leave until my views are better.


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ziq wrote (edited )

I would have banned you the moment you opened your chid-rape apologist mouth if I had the ability to.

demanding we explain why child rape porn shouldn't be freely disseminated to child rape fetishists makes you deserve a whole lot worse than a banning.



Copenhagen_Bram wrote

A small question... Is it child rape if two people under the age of 18 willingly swap naked photos?


ziq wrote



Copenhagen_Bram wrote

With that in regard, how do you think child porn laws should work? And how do you define child porn? What about loli?

And how would we handle child porn if we achieved a stateless, lawless anarchocommunism utopia?