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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't think it should be prohibited - I don't think that anything should be prohibited on raddle unless its inherently oppressive. That said, if porn stuff took off here, it would quickly move beyond what the current administrative workforce could handle. Realistically, I'm tentatively preferring to having it, but also think that if porn becomes a significant part of the site, there needs to be at least two things: (1) political sex workers who maintain the NSFW spaces. As things stand, neither of the admins are qualified for the job, afaik. (2) there needs to be more coded-in functionality for the site. For example, the ability to have NSFW forums, and the ability to exclude NSFW forums from your raddle experience in your user settings. I'm not sure why sex workers would want to use raddle now anyway since we don't embed images or video.

Beyond that, for me the only really interesting question is what kinds of pornography we would not want to have here.

Finally, I just want to note that this is likely to be mostly a garbage conversation for as long as sex workers are not participating.


Fossidarity wrote

I fully agree with all your points. I personally wouldn't know how to admin this, I have no experience with neither porn nor sex work so I wouldn't know when something is oppressive, exploitative, etc. I'm all up for sharing anything that helps sex workers but I don't think I'm qualified to help with this at this stage, I would love to learn more about it.