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sudo wrote

Personally, I do not see any good reason for it to be banned, and I see one reason for it not to be banned: because some people want it.

If I recall correctly, the two arguments previously given against hosting porn on Raddle were:

  • Some people don't want to see it

  • It could be difficult to tell if the person(s) in the porn consent to it being shared online

The first one is pretty easy to solve. People who don't want to see porn shouldn't subscribe to any porn forums. For those who browse /all who don't want to see porn, this would be easily remedied with the addition of a NSFW setting to Postmill (which it should really have, anyway). Any post involving nudity, or really anything that would not be suitable to look at at work, would be marked as NSFW. Then, any users who don't want to see that kind of stuff could go to their user settings, and specify that they do not want to be shown any NSFW posts. I have been learning PHP, and I will soon start learning Symfony, so I will try to contribute a NSFW option to the Postmill source code soon. If we had this feature, it would solve the problem of "I don't want to see any porn".

The second one is a bit trickier. If we're talking about drawn pornography, then as long as all of the characters in it seem to be consenting, it should be fine. But if there are real humans involved, then it could be difficult to tell if the picture or video was posted with the consent of the person(s) in it. I think it's safe to say that all professional porn was posted with the consent of everyone in it. For amateur stuff, one easy case is if it only shows one person, and it was posted to reddit or wherever by that person. That should be a green light. Otherwise, I would say to allow it only if the person(s) in it can't be easily identified. If their face(s) are visible, blur them, or crop them out of the picture/video. If they have any unique tattoos, blur them, crop them out (if possible), use GIMP's resynthesizer to make them disappear (if possible), or just don't post it. And of course, if someone messages the mods/admins claiming to be one of the people in the image/video and asks for it to be removed, do so without question. That should solve the second problem.



selver wrote

Pro studio porn is definitely consensual, but the performers get no money for it. Doesn't mean it should be banned, but I'd prefer that it be discouraged. Or encourage people to link the performer's social media, website, etc.