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selver wrote (edited )

Well you can't be woke unless you think blowing Trump would be cool & empowering.

People have a problem with gay sexual acts being used in a derogatory way, it can be homophobic.


F3nd0 wrote (edited )

I'm a bit unsure about the meaning of that. Are you saying I couldn't be woke, or is the meme? And how does it relate to homophobia?

EDIT: I see where you're coming from now; thanks!


selver wrote (edited )

The argument is that saying right wingers want to blow Trump is homophobic as it associates gay sex with being weak, bad, etc.

I was being sarcastic cause I don't really like that argument.


Pop wrote

nobody here thinks that blowing trump would be cool or empowering...

with a name like selver you must have read the dispossessed

do you remember how in that world sexual-related swearing/insults etc just didn't exist?

it's the superstructure of homophobia that makes that insult as 'effective' as it is

if you rewrote the same thing to replace the homosexual stuff, the stuff you would be replacing it with to make an effective translation would imply submissiveness and lackeyness and weakness and otherness/grossness

and so those are the implicit features of that sex in this meme's presentation, or no?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


md_ wrote

And it works because for tons of people, blowing someone is related to submissiveness in a sense. Not because they are oppressed, but because they like it, it's what turns them on.

I still think you are skipping a step. Assuming your series of associations: for the joke to be funny, submissiveness needs to be "a bad thing". Somehow shameful in some way.

Far better slogan in my opinion, and one we use on the rock I inhabit: "No Sex With Nationalists". Sex is a good thing, and we refuse it to nationalists because not-fuck those guys!