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Tequila_Wolf wrote

kore, are you really following what has been happening?

I agree that, if after discussing with them and giving a warning ban, they continue to post oppressive speech, they should get permabanned.

This is exactly what happened with dellitsni. I gave them a forum ban and directed them to mediation for discussion. They continued to do what they were being accused of even in their attempt at an apology. Then they continued to post oppressive speech, now with regards to race. At this stage I didn't permaban them, I still sent it to mediation, again.

What aren't you or I understanding?


kore wrote

I think I may have just misunderstood what emma meant by her post. Her post doesn't really advocate for mediation at all, and I think that's all I really had a problem with. Your position (and one I advocate) seems to be "temp ban offensive posters immediately and send them to /f/mediation instead of engaging them on the original post." "Broad mandate to crack down" seems very far from this, at least to me.

What you did was the right thing to do and yeah, dellitsni is saying some offensive shit and should probably be banned.