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buzz wrote (edited )

unpacking oppressive behaviours requires environments of understanding and empathy. straight up banning users who misspeak might improve raddle on the surface level, but doesnt help the users who engage in covert bigotry. on a platform that has a majority of those who are "woke", it is best that the community engages with these issues.

lowkey it is problematic to systematically punish and alientate people for 'covert bigotry' due do differences in environment and socialising factors that have lead to disparities of understanding and information. edit: this being said however; many of the people that produce oppressive behaviours (whitey) are priviledged enough to unlearn and have a fuckton of resources to stop being a shit person.


Dumai wrote

some of this stuff is really easy though

  1. do not take white genocide seriously
  2. str8s are boring

neither of these things are hard


mofongo wrote

Additionally, we give the benefit of the doubt of to those that have proven themselves better than this. If someone here only complains about how anti cishetwhite we are, the ban is swift and merciless.


Pop wrote (edited )

manarchists and brocialists are regularly able to talk the talk about politics and 'prove themselves' to people before opening their mouth about intersectional stuff

they will also say that they aren't being shitty, e.g. sexist or whatever

that doesn't make them any less shitty, and the fact that they've 'proven themselves' just makes their shittiness harder to manage because some people can be confused into thinking that getting some things right in full is the same as getting all the minimum basics right

death to class reductionist politics


mofongo wrote (edited )

I agree with you and I would like to add that raddle's anti brocialist/manarchist culture prevent them to take hold. The only exception has been dellitsny, which should not have fly and why this thread exists.