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emma wrote (edited )

Calling me a white supremacist and queerphobe for that is way too much.

No where did I explicitly call you 'a white supremacist and queerphobe', but you've certainly said questionable stuff pertaining to white supremacy and queerphobia. Your continuing insistence that the argument about racism amounts to a 'disagreement on definitions' makes me very sceptical of you, because it shows that you really haven't understood the core of the issue at all. Please consider the possibility that even self-described leftists like yourself are largely products of your environments, and so attitudes pertaining to white supremacy and patriarchy must be unlearnt.


dele_ted wrote

What is the core of the issue then? I thought we reached an agreement yesterday - I learned from it, and will make a serious effort to educate myself more on the topic before i speak in the future (please remember that I didn't think c0mrade was joking - somehow you and others keep insisting that I was reacting to a joke, which is a lie).