Remove admin powers from /user/Tequila_Wolf

Submitted by Rum_Rabbit in meta

They act like totalitarian thought police to enforce liberal privilege politics that don't represent all of the users here. This place is already one foot in the grave and it will continue to stagnate and rot as long as there are aggressive admins like them trying to force their narrow politics on everyone.


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Dumai wrote

t_w is getting close to being the sole redeeming factor in this hive of scum and villainy


md_ wrote


T_W had a real grievance in both cases, and responded well to the community pointing out that they were quick to propose a global ban in the forum that is supposed to work things out without resorting to a ban.


Rum_Rabbit wrote

"work things out" meaning renounce wrongthink and learn that when liberal social justice big brother puts their boot on your face then 2+2=5


radmenacer wrote


"Please stop making harmful reverse-racism / homophobic statements".


"wrongthink liberal social justice big brother REMOVE ADMIN POWERS!!!"


jadedctrl wrote

God no. Tequila_Wolf's been an excellent member of this community, and a fantastic admin.
I don't think I can even type out a harsh enough no.


radmenacer wrote

Counter proposal: remove admin title from /u/Fossidarity for posting tone deaf homophobic/misogynist/sex negative 'humor'. Oh, and ban you.