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dele_ted wrote

Loomio looks pretty neat, I'll leave that up to everyone else here.

avoid accusations of polls being manipulated server-side

All voting is onymous on Konsent, which means that even if I go through the trouble of manipulating the votes, everyone will be able to see who cast them, making vote manipulation very difficult if the community is observant. I'll figure out a way to make manipulation completely impossible, but for now I'm sure that'll do.


boringskip OP wrote

i was referring to the possibility of self-hosting loomio, but thats good to know


Pop wrote

sounds interesting tell us about it


boringskip OP wrote

It just has teams and a large variety of polls for making decisions. The wikipedia has good info


Pop wrote

seems like it's established and worth trying

especially since we seem to be in a rush

i'm doubtful that decision making software is all that this place needs though


surreal wrote (edited )

funded by governments :S so hosting on their servers is a no.