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SouthsideGrackles wrote (edited )

"Stop tolerating this toxic behavior."

Agreed, but I think it is clear at this point that any community that doesn't tolerate toxic behavior is one in which you would have no place.

You're never going to change as long as you keep rationalizing and justifying your behavior and as long as you keep seeing yourself as the victim in all this.

People are bringing your past up because it shows how your behavior here is part of a long term pattern. You only have yourself to blame for acting like this for years.


Dumai wrote

there's a difference between "here is all you need to know about ziq to prove this problem is a continous pattern of behaviour for them" and "here is what you need to figure out ziq's real identity" though


SouthsideGrackles wrote

No one would need to do the former and inadvertently do the latter if ziq wasn't such a wretched liar and manipulative bully for years.

I swear, the only people I've seen defend such an obvious liar and terrible person as ziq is Trump supporters.


jadedctrl wrote

You've got it.

“This is your first traffic violation? You have 54 tickets on record over the past few years—”

“Stop doxxing me!”