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I don't believe in this project anymore as long as there's a toxic troll at the center of it. So it's not right for me to continue here as an admin.

I'll probably just check in to see how the konsent pilot is going and if we can take anything from there. Otherwise, I don't really have the passion or will anymore to contribute and grow the site. Sorry to those I convinced to stay. Hopefully we can figure something else out down the line.

If there are any volunteers to take over the admin position, that would be great since TW could use the help.

I am going to be taking it easy for a few days, so I probably won't respond for a while. Hope everything works out, though.



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Fossidarity wrote (edited )

I'm okay with being an admin, I feel involved in Raddle but I don't feel like being part of the infighting.

If I would become admin I would strife to be as emphatic as possible, in discussions I want to be a neutral actor that ensures that the discussion doesn't resolves into name-calling.

It's obvious that the recent events have hurt the Raddle userbase a lot. I think Raddle needs time to heal and in my opinion the best way to do that is to give people a space where they can voice their opinions without being attacked for it. Everybody should be able to do that as long as they do it respectfully and they don't hurt other people with it.

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dele_ted wrote (edited )

I can get behind that, if anyone has managed to stay level-headed through this it's you.


[deleted] wrote


Fossidarity wrote

Shouldn't they be though? As far as I can see it besides some minor philosophical differences these folks their goals and yours align pretty well don't they?


mofongo wrote

Ziq left and is not coming back. Still best for you to leave, you're not fit for the role either way.


retiredaccount wrote

Ziq left and is not coming back.

I've never been more disappointed by any lie.