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Is it about time that we start beta-testing Konsent?

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I think Konsent is getting very close to being ready for some early and limited beta-testing. There's lots more to be done (there really is, don't expect Konsent to overflow with neat little features and a perfectly constructed decision making paradigm!), but input from the community, bug reports and so on would speed everything up a lot. I've saved up a bit and am ready to buy a domain and pay for hosting.

What do you think about giving it a test run in a few subraddles for a week or two? If you feel like it's a good idea, how do you think we should go about this? We could just start by keeping the moderators, but asking them to only perform the actions confirmed by the community through Konsent, until Konsent has an API that can be used by an auto-moderator here on Raddle.

Would any moderators be willing to test on their subraddle? Subs that are a core part of Raddle should not be test subjects, of course, but they should also be a decent size so that we actually get some issues to solve and stuff to discuss.

Or should we deploy Konsent alongside administration instead? We could start by making Konsent general for all of Raddle, alongside normal administration, just to see how it would work. I personally think this would be better, but i might be out too early.

Maybe starting new and interesting projects would also give us all some much-needed trust in the Raddle project. Please consider, though, that under normal circumstances i would not deem Konsent ready for beta-testing at all. I just think it's important that we do something now, that we take action to change this site for the better. In a month, it might be too late.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

I'd be happy to - what's all involved? You said something about testing it out on a per-forum basis?


Fossidarity wrote

I would like to help with the forums I'm admin of, also if you need some money for hosting I can send you some.


dele_ted OP wrote

Alright, i think that should be a good start for some early testing! I think there's enough active people to tear Konsent to pieces in your subs.

Any help with hosting would really be greatly appreciated!! I'll send you a PM.


surreal wrote

push latest master on pythoneverywhere?


leftous wrote

Thanks for sticking through this delli. I hope this works out.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I would be willing to try with both testing on any of the forums I moderate or alongside administration. Here I'm assuming that it's actually something useful to us; I still don't know what konsent does, how it is interfaced with, etc, and think that it's important that you clarify this.


sand wrote (edited )

the frog's color might not be so trivial a question as it seems! especially with ziq's backstory on that decision

maybe something very meaningless, like "are thoughts made of squares?"

silly question for a trial is still a v useful idea; sorry not meaning to tear down your idea, Rempiricalality

edit: also wanted to say thank you vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery much for working on this, dellitsni. it's really cool


dele_ted OP wrote

You're right, it might be too touchy... It is without a doubt an issue that should be taken up at some point, but it's probably not fit for being a simple test. I personally would rather have it black and red, like the ansyn and ancom flag.

Pretty much anything will do really, as long as it isn't a touchy or sensitive topic.

It's my pleasure to, seeing it welcomed so warmly here is really uplifting. Thank you!


dele_ted OP wrote (edited )

It's all described in the stickied post in /f/Konsent, sorry for not making that clear. There has been some changes here and there that isn't described, I'll add those in later. If big text posts aren't your thing, hosting is no longer a problem thanks to /u/Fossidarity, so I'll get everything online as soon as v0.3 is ready (tommorow or so).

e: the sticky is now up to date