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ziq wrote (edited )

Will you stop with the damn conspiracy theories?

You don't even seem to know the basic history of this site. Raddle started as a reddit sub. My reddit sub. A nihilistic humor sub that mainly lampooned the reactionary currents on the left.

Of course I had other accounts. How do you think that sub grew into what it became and then morphed into raddle? It wasn't even a secret, everyone made parody accounts on that sub and we were completely open about it. Growing that place taught me how to turn raddle into a thriving community.

I deleted my original reddit account like 4 years ago because it was doxxed. My next one I deleted when reddit banned my sub. Then I switched to one of the parody accounts I used on my sub, which got admin banned. So I switched again and deleted that when gnuponut started stalking me a few weeks ago. Fucking satisfied? Or do you need to know what I ate for breakfast on Oct 8 1989?

And btw I your see multiple accounts being created and heavily voting on comment posts. Lmao

Are you serious right now? What the hell is your problem? I'm pulled over on the side of the road in my car replying to your bullshit, I'm not making any fucking accounts.

Stop attacking my mental health. Stop demanding I compromise my security culture. Stop spreading conspiracies about me. And stop acting like I owe you anything. I don't. I don't know you and have no interest in knowing you.


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote (edited )

When I created socialanarchism I only had my original account. Didn't make alts until long after that account was deleted and I was top mod on the humor sub. Stop fucking stalking me and stop lying through your teeth about what you find. I'm not using any reddit accounts.

I think you need to take a step back from all this and take some time to figure it out

disingenuous garbage. Leave. Me. Alone.