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leftous wrote

What do you mean by "nothing happens" exactly? What is supposed to happen?


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

Solidarity. Even if you don't see eye-to-eye with a comrades unique point of view you stand up to obvious trolling.

There is no point in banning anyone since you can just change IP's literally with the press of button.

The whole community is unfolding and I doubt anything can be done except for destruction of some form.

Fuck 'left unity' or any other phantasmic cry for the surrendering of individuality, but solidarity is actual conscious action. Solidarity isn't an expectation, because then it would just be 'left unity'. When you ignore the shitposting in these less frequented parts of Raddle you shows you don't care to extend solidarity. This is fine. It's up to all of us to do as we please with our emotional labour.

But all this does is reinforce the alienation inherent to our whole existence and seems antithetical the very reason for Raddle even being something in the first place. This place is quickly becoming a toxic hell hole and I feel a lot of the problems cannot be reconciled. Some certainly can and will be but there is a hive mind forming here and it's just sucking me dry emotionally.

None of this was an attack in you. Just realized it sounded aggressive. Well it is, but also slightly hypothetical lol.