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Fossidarity wrote

I want to thank everyone that put a lot of energy into Raddle, it's the only online community in many years that I feel it's worth actively participating in.

I personally see two types of issues: trust and technological issues.

The trust issues mainly stem from being anonymous and the ease of creating alt accounts, these are very difficult issues to solve and I don't see any feasible solution for them without risking losing privacy.

For the technological issues I would like to see a fully decentralized solution in the future. I think /f/nettle in combination with something like IPFS can be a good solution for decentralized distribution/hosting and /f/Konsent for decentralized decision making.

I really like Postmill and all the effort /u/emma put into it but I think it's not technically in line enough with anarchist ideals due to it's centralized hosting/administration, of course a lot of elements could be reused.