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TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

you could do admin elections between "old" users to take some weight off you and leftous's shoulders.

I dont see much difference on my homepage between when you two vs ziq were admins. You're not doing a bad job :)

the ideal solution would be using /f/nettle in the long run. Decentralisation would get rid of the problems linked to admis and hosting. Also lisp is a really easy/fun language.


____deleted____ wrote

I'll be honest; I've defended /u/365degrees before, but they do have the mentality that threatens Nettle in the long run. Could jeopardize it by simply retracting what they've done and fucking it over. Of course, its copyleft nature minimizes that chance, but the point is I'm not certain I can trust a technical solution with them at the helm.

inb4 zb


jadedctrl wrote

but they do have the mentality that threatens Nettle in the long run

how so..?


____deleted____ wrote

Pulling their themes back and all; minor, but worries me personally


365degrees wrote

As much as my words might be worth nothing, I'll make sure that doesn't happen. It seemed quite quick, but there was a lot of decision making and talking with other people before I sabotaged my themes.

It's a good idea to make copies of any software you like, too. Not only might the author pull out, change license or really mess up their contributions, the hosts of their work might pull the plug on them too if the author doesn't host it.