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mofongo wrote

First of all, I want to thank you for the hard work you have done for the site. We really couldn't have asked for a better admin.


I think paying in advance will ease the tension that it could shut down on us at any moment We could do is make a pool to pay for it for several months/years in advance. Right now it only costs $10/month and $20/year for the domain. So for $140 we are safe for a year.

Website development

The only thing we can do is trust emma will continue development until one of us gets good enough in web development to contribute or take over postmill. If none happens, our choice is to run the zombie code until it stops working or switch base to one that fits our needs.


Random_Revolutionary wrote

If we only use the onion link, the hosting costs go down to 0.


Fossidarity wrote

Why would they go down to 0? You'll still need a server to host the website right? The only thing you don't have is the cost of the DNS every year but I doubt that's the biggest cost.


sudo wrote

It wouldn't be quite 0, but it would be far less, especially if we self-host it. Then it would be whoever owns the machine paying for the electricity to keep the computer on.


Fossidarity wrote

It's still possible to self-host it and forward the DNS to your own IP. A .me DNS should be around 10$ a year. I can't imagine that being a big cost.