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dele_ted wrote (edited )

I suggest that we somehow get rid of administration and hierarchy. I might be completely wrong, but it seems to me that most of the issues Raddle face are due to the administration system, and the hierarchy that creates. One way to do that would be Konsent, which I think is almost ready for limited beta implementation. That doesn't fix the hosting issues though, and they're probably more urgent right now... I have no idea what to do about that.

What I do know is, until things are more stable, I think we should all make an effort to be a little more tolerant with each other than we usually would be, and to not feed the trolls that seems to appear everywhere lately. I've been pretty bad at these two things myself (specifically I want to apologize to /u/amongstclouds). I'll definitely do my best to avoid anything like that from now on.

edit: I made a new post to discuss the implementation of Konsent here.