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emma OP wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by dele_ted in [META] A word on feature requests by emma

but I'm not good with PHP.

I don't think this is the issue, though. The frontend code (HTML, CSS, JS) is completely decoupled from the PHP code, but very few people contribute to that either.

Everyone who uses computers and phones is familiar with user interfaces, and has their own expectations of how they should behave. Just being sent MS Paint mockups (like this one I made) of how something ought to look like would be of much help, since UI isn't my field of expertise.

I don't think I'm going to burn out. I just feel a bit salty after someone sent me a disrespectful email a few days ago, which made me think about the unequal relationship between maintainers and consumers of free software.


dele_ted wrote

I didn't know front-end was something that required attention, and just assumed i couldn't help, because almost all of the feature requests were about actual features and not front-end changes.

When Konsent is in a working state, or when i get tired of it and need a break, I'll send you a message or just keep an eye on the issue tracker for something i can help with! I'm good with CSS and alright with PSD designs or mockups.


J7383 wrote

Name and shame. Only way they'll learn.