[Re-vote] On if /f/mediation should remain as a conflict resolution policy

Submitted by leftous in meta (edited )

For now, this is the only re-vote that I believe is urgent and in most clear need of a revote. I've spoken to some of the others who initiated failed proposals (like zombie_b and gnu_ponut), and they showed hesitation in re-voting on those. So I will leave it up to others to propose re-votes on anything else they believe was conducted unfairly.

This re-vote proposal deals with whether /f/mediation should remain as a "first step" in conflicts, or if no clear ToS violation took place, among established users as outlined in w/mediation.

If you oppose /f/mediation as part of a formal process, we can always leave /f/mediation as a general conflict resolution forum.

Edit to be clear:

Support = /f/mediation remains as is as outlined in /w/mediation (and in the meta sidebar)

Oppose = We remove mentions of /f/mediation as a policy. It can be disbanded or used for voluntary conflict resolution, rather than part of a formal process.

Edit#2: Changed language to specify mediation as a policy


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selver wrote

I think it should be left as a strongly recommended practice, but not required. I don't think I've seen it go over well so far, but I still think it's a good idea.


md_ wrote

I support this view, which is not covered by either of the options in the original post.


mofongo wrote

From the ones I remember, there's low success rate in resolving conflicts. On occasions the mediators have given up before the mediated.

So I vote oppose to be mandatory before going to meta.


sudo wrote

I support it, as long as the admins pay attention to nuance. A simple argument about politics shouldn't be referred there, but if that argument degrades into personal attacks, then it should.


____deleted____ wrote

Oppose. Seems overall usually unnecessary; cases where it is needed ToS is already broken, otherwise its an internal conflict.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'm not sure and would be interested to hear people's reasons either way.