[Poll] Keeping in mind that your browser has a perfectly functional 'back' button, would you be terribly upset if the 'previous' button in submission listings disappeared? [Resolved]

Submitted by emma in meta (edited )

Your answers may or may not influence development of Postmill.

Basically, I'm redoing the way submissions are retrieved (which will bring back top/controversial sort modes, introduce a new 'most commented' mode, and allow people to blacklist forums and users), but implementing a 'previous' button is hard. If people can live without, it will make my life a lot easier, and cool new features will arrive faster.

Edit: the changes are live now. The filtering stuff comes later, but 95% of the work needed to implement it is done.


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leftous wrote

I don't have any issues with that. Sounds great, looking forward to the new features!


sudo wrote

If it would be too difficult to actually implement, then don't worry about it. I don't think I've actually clicked on the previous button. Removing it might make going back a page a bit less intuitive, but if it's more work than it's worth, I wouldn't worry about it.


emma wrote

It can always be re-added later. Just making sure it's not urgent enough to warrant delaying other work. So far, it seems no one would even notice it going missing.


v__ wrote

i don't really care about pevious button, would love see new features and functionalities added.