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right now, upvote and downvote are used as agree/disagree counters, but also as relevant/irrelevant counters. I believe that we should separate those two functionalities. Right now, an interesting stance/argument will only get upvoted (so more visible) if it follows the general consensus of this site, and I'm scared that we'll turn into an echo chamber.

I think it would be good to add one or two counters that measure the reception of a comment, which does not alter the place of the comment in the thread. If someone comments something unpopular but still interesting, they can get visibility while raddlers can still express their agreement/disagreement.

Ideally, those "useless" counters would be forum-specific, and there could be multiple ones: for example, on one forum there could be a counter for agreements and another one for disagreements, while on another forum there would be a unique average agreement/disagreement counter. /f/memer could also have a "dank" counter too for example.



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____deleted____ wrote


this wouldnt solve the problem and people would still downvote what they disagree with; this is a fact we must live with


thelegendarybirdmonster OP wrote

to a point yes but I've also been confronted to ideas I disagree with but still find relevant to discussed and/or eloquent, and I want more precise ways to react to them in the futur.


dele_ted wrote

Oppose. I'd rather that we did away with upvotes/downvotes completely.


sudo wrote

No, I think that's making it too complicated.


rosalique wrote

Abstain. After reading all this, I've had a few thoughts.

I think it'd be better to make the points on posts hidden but keep the post ranking. Also, maybe just an upvote, or heart, or star, or whatever that you hit if you think the post is relevant and should be read or like it or whatever, while changing the downvote into a text link that reads "Not Relevant" and place it to the right of the Permalink link. My thinking is that:

  1. When presented with a big affirmative symbol and no other symbols, the apparent choices are press or don't press. If someone doesn't agree, the obvious choice is to not click and either leave a reply (which we would want to encourage over downvoting anyway) or move on.

  2. This will hopefully discourage knee-jerk downvotes, as "Not Relevant" is not equivalent to the affirmative symbol.

  3. With post points hidden, there would be less chance of piling on in either direction.

  4. Since downvotes are less accessible, they are also more valuable as mod flags. Posts with high amounts of likes AND not relevants could be a sign of a manipulation, for example.

  5. Maybe when the user clicks "Not Relevant", the post hides itself from the user? Just spitballing with this one.


leftous wrote

Basically you want a sort of customizable like button?

I really like the idea.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

w/etiquette basically has us set up that up and downvotes aren't for agreeing or disagreeing at all.

I'm not sure that we need this though, since we can comment about our agreement.

Separately, I've changed the sidebar since feature requests will no longer be processed from here.


Magma5 wrote (edited )


leftous wrote

/f/meta_ is our parody fake news forum. We're all ziqs there.


DissidentRage wrote (edited )

That's fucking hilarious! PK would have a heart attack if he saw that forum without context.