I Have Returned.

Submitted by sudo in meta

Hello, everyone. I (/u/sudo) have decided to come back from my hiatus. I never explained why I left, but it was because I was tired of constantly getting into arguments with a few users in particular. Now that it's come to light that most of those users were actually just ziq's alt accounts, and that they won't be doing that anymore, I've decided to come back. Ziq, I understand why you started a bunch of alt accounts, and while I don't think it should have gone the way that it did, I do accept your apology.

Regarding the Free Software Application of the Month, I think I'm going to have to retire that bit. I don't have the free time that I used to, so I can't put the amount of effort into each review that I'd like to, without sacrificing some of my free time. I don't want to do anything half-assed, and I don't want it to become a chore, either. So, to sum up the review of Postmill that I would've done, I officially declare Postmill to be awesome.

Now, if someone else would like to take over doing the Free Software Application of the Week/Month, feel free to do so.


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365degrees wrote

Welcome back. Don't worry, zb has been going at everyone recently.


dele_ted wrote

Welcome back! Good to see everything starting to align again.


kore wrote

welcome back. i can try to post some software


zombie_berkman wrote (edited )

please leave again ive never enjoyed the site more than without you stirring up month old shit


dele_ted wrote

Just stop talking with each other, please. We could use some calm restoring forces around here, and it seems that things are starting to fall back into place again, finally. Please don't ruin it.


sudo wrote

please leave again ive never enjoyed the site more than without you stirring up month old shit

Actual picture of /u/zombie_berkman.


zombie_berkman wrote

Bro the first thing you did when you got back was @ me. Not to mention binary who was a ziq alt gave you mod of that f with no vote. All you do is troll and instagate. There is literally no evidence to show that you arent ziq. You have stupid shitty takes and a near non existant grasp on socialism. In addition to this you called it "open source" multiple times until corrected.


leftous wrote

I'll have to ask you guys to take it easy. I am going to propose a re-vote on that action within the coming days, or you can propose the revote yourself. No need to be escalating conflicts, or making accusations of alts and such, since the community is already on edge.


zombie_berkman wrote

i couldnt care less about being a mod. its a dead f anyway. the fact that they have really shit left takes, are a tankie, and waited a month to start shit over a f they have never posted in is what pisses me off. if blocking actually did shit i wouldnt have seen them but it doesnt