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leftous wrote (edited )

I feel like a ban is a punishment and wont really solve anything. He kinda already punished himself by loosing the community's trust.

It's not to punish him. It's so he and the community can get some distance to heal without the drama.

I believe he should go to /f/mediation to solve his personal problems instead of /f/lobby thought.

Also didnt we say that discussions about bans should be done in /f/mediation? Even if we're talking about our former admin, I do not believe this thread belongs in /f/meta

This is part of the problem. ziq vote manipulated that vote to implement mediation. Ziq in fact voted three times in support of it - ziq and two of his deleted alts.

It's best we just follow the community's will here and have revotes on everything since we can't trust anything that has gone on in /f/meta.


Random_Revolutionary wrote

Ye but we can ask him to not bring drama instead of banning him. Has someone asked him to go cool down for a bit, before suggesting a ban? Granted politely asking him didn't really work when he was defasher.


leftous wrote

Ziq thought that everything was cool after the revelation and it was just a small group of users with an issue. This makes it more clear that the entire community isnt at all cool with how people and votes were manipulated, and we all need a bit of time to sort this out. The temp ban is basically asking him to go cool down, distance us from the drama, and get the community reorganized by re-voting.