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leftous OP wrote

Don't leave untitled. :( I really appreciate you being here. I think you're misreading this. I don't think you're an alterego, nor do I think anyone who has posted in this thread is (including the troll).

This isn't a witchhunt or wild paranoia at all. I just saw this as the only way we can salvage the situation and have fair re-votes. I explained more in the other posts that /f/meta has been heavily manipulated and influenced by ziq's alts, and we just need a bit of time to sort it out and distance ourselves from the drama.

For the length of the ban, I just wanted to leave it up to the community. When ziq comes back saying he's ready and reflected upon the extent of the damage here, we revote to reinstate him. It isn't to exocommunicate him or witchhunt.


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rosalique wrote

Twink is being downvoted for being an obvious troll.

ziq may have started Raddle, but Raddle is not ziq. Raddle is evolving beyond them. This seems like a setback, but I think ultimately it'll be the catalyst for something new and exciting.

And tbf, paranoia can be handy when you're a leftist.