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surreal wrote

tbh every policy should be up for revote and often. new people coming to this place should have a say and anyone should be able to change their minds. policies need to change and sometimes get removed. that is a lot of work but it's one way to resist manipulation.


Random_Revolutionary wrote

Agreed, when the time comes when a policy seems unfair, users are able to question it. When we'll have konsent, it will be even easier.

I do not have any strong opinion on those former votes. I'd let them be until someone has a problem with them.


mofongo wrote

Seeing all this vote threads, it appears that the vote manipulation fear is exaggerated. The amount of deleted votes doesn't match the amount of ziq's accounts.


leftous wrote (edited )

You have to keep in mind that an opinion shared by active/influential members has influence on people. When several of those members are the same person, we can see that there was manipulation involved regardless of how we look at it. We also have no idea if he had massive control of what was up/downvoted in those threads. It is a manipulative, underhanded, and deceitful way to sway opinion.

It may not have been ziq's intent at the time, but this is the effect it potentially had.