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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Hi all!

Long comment, sorry. Just woke up. Hopefully those of you who are invested in the space will take some time to look over the specific cases here and think about them for yourselves.

A lot of questions have been raised here and I think that's good, since people need to deal with the news in their own way. I'm mostly interested in having this process as open, clear and transparent as possible; for us to work through it all so that we can make something real out of whatever comes out at the end.

To clarify, as part of their amends, ziq did offer both me and emma the domain. We were both fine with ziq keeping it: emma would still have the keys to the server, and because we didn't want our real names associated with raddle (which is what would happen if we started paying the bill). Ziq was doing right by us keeping the domain, and I'm sure they would hand it over if someone appropriate came along.

As I mentioned in the chat, so far as alt usage with votes goes, ziq had told me that if they used alts to vote they would put an even number on each side of the issue. Since the alts were made with the intention of making it look like there were more users on the site to get it up and running, I do recognise that it would be odd if all of a sudden participants in the forum simply didn't vote. I haven't had the energy to check, but assuming that ziq was giving equal votes to each side with alts, that would (for me) significantly reduce my sense of harm done.
So assuming that votes were spread evenly over issues with alts, then this is part of what I already understood ziq to be making amends for by leaving as admin.

That doesn't mean it was ok, insofar as alts used social power rather than voting power to influence votes. That in itself needs to be discussed, and I haven't given it much thought, perhaps because I naively assumed anarchists would be less prone to this sort of influence.

The shiningwing removal thread was done very, very badly. Instead of a straightforward post explaining why shiningwing would be removed with a proposal, which I think everyone would have agreed to given shiningwing's behaviour, presenting it as a conversation between users in which people reach the conclusion that shiningwing should have been removed, was just not ok. I hadn't given that thread a proper look until yesterday, or I would have suggested to ziq that they address it in their apology.
It's a real shame ziq didn't just wait for others to say what they said, because there was no circumstances I could imagine that would have made it ok for shiningwing to stay on after what she did.
That said, ziq did make a lot of trouble for ML's and transhumanists on this site, and I don't want to diminish that. It must be acknowledged, and you can read about it for yourself in here - I'll link to the same link leftous noted earlier. This is part of what I understood ziq to be apologising for, in their apologising specifically to those users by name:

to nodefunallowed for being a bad friend to you and speaking ill of your ideology, to gnu_ponut for villainizing you and blaming you for everything when I was largely responsible, and to shiningwing and sudo for making you both feel unwelcome because of my nihilistic aggro anti-ML bullshit.

I do think that ziq's apology was sincere, that it significantly encompassed the things they did wrong though it could have been clearer about them, and that their act of amends (stepping back from the admin position) is significant. emma and I are partly responsible since we saw drafts of it for comment before it was sent out. Different people were differently affected and each person must decide for themselves their feelings. However we look at this, we should keep in mind that ziq is no longer admin and that they stepped back of their own volition as part of a process of amends.

So what to do moving forward? I like leftous's proposals and I think we should take them on and work to make them viable where they aren't yet. Outgrowing the limitations of the software sounds great and we should make it happen. Emma said some time ago that it's one of her main interests going forward, and now others are joining in and that's great.

As an aside: Personally I don't mind that leftous didn't consult me first or that he used an admin flair, as he laments. I think he's doing his best given that he was thrown in the deep end yesterday, and I think it's better for us to assume that this process will be messy, because it's not easy. I've got little emotional energy to spare and I appreciate whatever good faith work others try to do.

Last aside: I wish emma would say something, in part because she was aware of ziq's alts from the start. I know she's got a lot on her plate though, at the moment.