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ziq wrote (edited )

Be clear rather than clever: f/uplefting and f/freeAsInFreedom are perhaps clever but I find them confusing

Would you extend that to f/lignux?

I'd rather not have a formal policy about how to name forums, it'll only make people avoid participating. It's best to avoid bureaucracy as much as possible.

f/anticapital I've gotten use out of, there are plenty of things that don't belong on f/capitalismindecay but fit perfectly in the former.

/f/ACAB and /f/Whiteness are ambiguous / overly general...

All cops are bastards is a pretty direct statement imo. Whiteness makes sense to me personally (the goal being to dismantle white domination of society and question what it means to be 'white'), but I often find myself putting things in there that I probably shouldn't because there's no f/whiteness equivalent of f/anticapital.


hotcool wrote

I'm not suggesting a formal policy, but recommendations for effectively named forums.

f/lignux is (I guess) clever but a clearer, more useful name might be GNUSoftware or OpenSourceSoftware

Again, clarity and inclusiveness is key to a successful forum IMO


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

/f/lignux is about LiGNUx (Linux kernel, GNU, and articles related to LiGNUx in general), not OpenSourceSoftware nor GNUSoftware. If you want a general ”OpenSourceSoftware” forum, there's already /f/freeasinfreedom.


hotcool wrote (edited )

It didn't occur to me that /f/freeasinfreedom was about software. I thought it had to do with works in the public domain or permissive software licenses (I didn't check).

It's another example of how cleverness obscures clarity.


mofongo wrote

I don't think those names are useful, lignux is about the kernel, the different OSs and free software in general. If lignux is too confusing, the next logical choice is Linux or gnulinux.