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buzz wrote (edited )

I have some suggestions! our priorities for forum naming is creating easy to predict and easy to write forums that can contain a whole and sustained posting stream and discussion.

Can we stop sorting by featured by default? I feel its only function is to stop smaller forums from reaching new viewers. Alternatively, I would prioritise in promoting through featured forums that facilitate discussion. I also think that forums should all obey lowercase snakecase or uppercase acronym (but that is just me).

have a nice day


hotcool wrote

Fantastic! May I also suggest:

I suggest relying more on tags/flairs and search than on making hyper-niche forums.


leftous wrote (edited )

LSC isn't really used, it's pretty much just like CapitalismInDecay.

f/CapitalismInDecay is more for documenting how capitalism manifests as an unsustainable and anti-human dystopia; its cannibalistic and nonsensical nature.

f/Anticapital is the catch-all forum for leftists where you're not necessarily discussing the way capitalism is decaying or dystopic. Could just be general critiques, the history/origins of capital, classism, etc. So it's certainly less obscene than capitalism in decay, it's probably more similar to something like /f/socialism, but with a specific focus on anticapital and not limited to just socialist critiques.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

It might be constructive for there to be more specific and concrete proposals made.


tnstaec wrote

This has been a perennial concern from the beginning. I've seen some subreddits create hacky redirected by banning anyone from posting, have having only one post which says "Go to: /r/MAINSUBREDDIT" perhaps something along these lines would be our best bet for duplicates.


boringskip wrote

I'm sure it'll sort itself out based on popularity


Fossidarity wrote

I think there is a problem which popularity won't solve and that's when you Submit a new post: you have to use the long drop-down list of all the raddles and it's hard to find the right one when there's for example 3 anticapital's.


boringskip wrote

Yeah that's a good point. I'd also prefer it was easier to find frequently-submitted raddles