SOS:Postmill, Note about [FEATURE REQUEST]s and other changes

Submitted by surreal in meta

The development of the project that raddle is on was discontinued. Change and addition requests will not be implemented until someone starts working on it again.

The codebase is in PHP and the Symfony framework, if someone thinks they can take over maintaining and developing the project please don't hesitate to fork it. There are people that may contribute one day in an active fork.

the project is on Gitlab


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jadedctrl wrote

I have some experience with PHP-- I'll look over the code-base sometime. Maybe I'll be able to help a bit, or learn to.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'm working on some stuff here - will possibly be in a position to make a post about it at some stage in the nearish future :)


selver wrote (edited )

I'm going to start trying to learn it soon. How would making changes to it work? Make change requests on the Postmill gitlab?


surreal wrote

if emma is willing to review or just accept pull requests that can work, otherwise you can just fork it on gitlab. Either way you will have a local clone of the git repo to play and learn and you can push commits to any remote branch eventually.