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AngryData wrote (edited )

Honestly, I think you should get rid of these rules. Not because I want people to post them, but because it sets a dangerous precedent that is easily abused when we already have the right kind of user base to self-select content and suppress lies and bullshit. Voat is already a containment site for those people.

I don't need nor want other people telling me what is and isn't acceptable for me to read about, its the main reason I came here from reddit. And if I see censorship just because somebody disagrees with the content, ill drop this place in a heart beat. Just reading about it makes me want to leave, it's extremely authoritarian even if you think its for the right reasons.


jadedctrl wrote

Promotes white supremacy, homophobia or heterosexism, transphobia or cisgenderism, misogyny or patriarchy, classism, ableism, body shaming, antisemitism, Islamophobia, colonialism or age discrimination.
Sexualizes minors or promotes adults having sex with minors.
Trivializes or makes light of rape.
Apologizes for police or military brutality, imperialism, eugenics, genocide. Apologizes for violence towards children.
Is a pornographic image/video (however, nudity is permitted if it's non-pornographic).

The rules are pretty reasonable— basically just don't be a Nazi, sexist, or pedophile.


AngryData wrote

Nope that's full on Authoritarian bullshit "Apologizes for" yeah that is totally specific and not vague in any way shape or form. Its not like you could use them to ban almost any comment with them.


jadedctrl wrote

Apologizes for police/military brutality

”Well, cops kind of have to murder unarmed black people.”
”Civilian causalities? Well, they come with the territory!”

Apologizes for imperialism

“Well, we're helping them! We've civilizing the backwards!”

Apoligzes for eugenics

“Well, maybe sterilizing the ill and killing the disabled isn't so bad!”

Apologizes for genocide

“The Holocaust wasn't so bad! Fuck Jews!”

Apologizes toward violence towards children

“Well, they kind of had to beat that toddler to a bloody pulp, you know?”

It's all pretty straight-forward, mate. :p
Even if you consider them to be vague (they're not really), the ToS hasn't been abused yet—this site has the utmost transparency from admins and moderators. They've done a great job at not letting this become like the tankie subreddits.