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leftous wrote

I disagree with this. This is a natural consequence of having new users and communities join us.

The difference between gundeals and megaposts is that gundeals are time-sensitive so daily threads make sense. Whereas megaposts are not and can be indexed and used over time. Also, the high amount of mega posts is due to them migrating their links over here.

Overall, I think communities should sort out how they want to catalogue their info. We can simply unsubscribe and browse new through subscriptions.


selver wrote

Maybe give it a week and see how it's progressing? Might calm down after a bit, and there does need to be a new thread for each post so that it's searchable.

But I agree, it's totally fucked up how I browse the site. I usually just look at /all, but it's pretty cluttered now. I guess it's time to actually subscribe to shit, although there's soo many random forums on here.


zod wrote

I think things will settle down after they've populated their forums with posts.


zombie_berkman wrote

that really isnt how gundeals works tho. i just didnt want 50 posts a day flooding the place pissing people off. but it seem like the common consensus is to just post them because its going to happen when raddle grows anyway