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emma wrote

I have a lot to say about your post, especially the part where you say I'm right, then start listing reasons I'm wrong, but I'll just make two points:

I have to disagree on PHP not being a limitation though, the language is declining in popularity and evolvement and most of the new programmers learn Python as their first and probably only, backend language, so that will enable more contributions in the future.

Any programmer worth their salt will be able to apply the concepts they've learnt in one language to another. At university, we're expected to grok both PHP and Python after spending a few semesters writing Java, because these languages aren't wildly different once you look beyond syntax.

If Postmill being PHP weeds out contributions from people who cannot comprehend code in terms of abstract concepts, or who cannot take ten minutes to figure out PHP's syntax, then awesome.

If someone takes over maintaining Postmill that would be the best and a reason for me to keep learning PHP.

You can be this 'someone'. Be the force of change you want to see in this world.


surreal OP wrote

I agreed on being a waste of time, every rewrite ever was a waste of time, that does not mean is was not a time worth wasting though. I only disagreed on PHP where do you see a listing?

It's a fact that php is dying and It's not a matter of just applying the skills and spenting 10mins on the language but the time and mind investment one must make to learn the idioms and quirks of the language and PHP has a lot of them so people just don't make it cause this is not university, you actually have a choice.

My only reason to ever look at PHP was Postmill and my skills will always be to that of a small contributor rather than maintainer of 25k loc i never wrote.

Btw how high is the test coverage?