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leftous wrote

I support only because I find the morbid opportunism hilarious


christobal wrote

Why voting and not assemblies and consensus? It forces us to work together and come to agreements instead of voting each our way and getting pissed at the results?


ziq wrote (edited )

This. Me not voting the way a couple of people wanted me to vote caused a giant shitstorm.


Copenhagen_Bram wrote

Oppose. It's disrespectful to the people leaving. Oh you're leaving, so now your opinion doesn't matter? Also, if we killed a few people who voted for Trump, would Hillary become president? Nope.


selver wrote

Oppose. That was 3 months ago. If you want the mod position go through whatever the usual process is.


zombie_berkman wrote

nope just want to spite the people. id probably end up banning sudo if put back in mod just for the hell of it