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NEOalquimista wrote

The first thing that came to my mind was that MAYBE emma's being harassed by law enforcement because of their obvious and vital connection to this site. Or maybe I'm being paranoid?


ziq wrote (edited )

It's about all the infighting lately. I think it stressed her out. She quit in the matrix mid-drama.


hotcool wrote

The infighting is an indication that people care and are emotionally invested in Raddle. It shows there is diversity of thought and opinion.

Put another way, the only thing worse than infighting on the site is no infighting at all.


dele_ted wrote

Is it really that bad? I haven't had time to be very active here the last few days, all I've seen is the Defasher drama and a general feeling of chaos. There must be more to it than that, right?


ziq wrote

A bunch of people rage quit and 2 of them asked we delete all their themes.


dele_ted wrote

But why? no_fun_allowed has been around for a long time, what inspired the old-timers to suddenly jump ship? I hate seeing the community unravel so quickly.


ziq wrote (edited )

Nofun destroyed the raddle.spam matrix channel, forcing us to abandon it, and made it clear in there that they were angry at me because I wouldn't unilaterally ban a user they didn't like. They called me a hypocrite who enables trolls and said I pushed people off the site because I wouldn't do what they wanted.

ShiningWing has long lobbied for rules that would stop people from saying mean things about MLs, so I imagine her reasons are similar.

All 3 people who voted in support of a 'no trolling' rule left the site in anger at it not passing, and they were especially unhappy with me for opposing the proposal.


dele_ted wrote

Wasn't expecting that from them.. Sounds like we're better off without them anyways.

Hopefully the fighting and drama will wear off now that they and Defasher isn't around anymore.


foe wrote

Freedom isn't free, it can cost many friendships.