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kore OP wrote

This does not happen often on the forum, but it happens often on the site: I often do not understand what is being criticized if it is not a "clear example of what is bad/hypocritical about liberalism." Many posts here (not just ones critical of certain views) are heavily allusive and impenetrable to people who have not read a lot of theory. The critiques some people do have, which are often opaque to me (and probably to others) are so invective while at the same time only understandable to people who are "in on the joke" that it prevents people who are genuinely curious about these things from voicing their views because they are afraid they will be ripped apart by words they don't understand.

You are right that as far as /f/ShitLiberalsSayOrDo may not be toxic generally, but I think behaviors that I just outlined are.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I think you're right - we've tried to combat this by making it w/etiquette that people who post critiquing memes do so with explanations. Perhaps we should find a way to do this more broadly, at least for general forums.