Submitted by An_Old_Big_Tree in meta (edited )

Right now, there's activity in /f/RadMentalHealth that only people who are involved or take the time to check out /comments will ever see, because it's old.

Another example; u/ziq posted a thoughtful response to my question in f/Vegan - which, because it took some time to happen, I'm one of probably only two other people who read it.

Having another view option for active submissions that doesn't just list recent comments out of context (like /comments) and allows for older conversations to have more longevity seems worthwhile.

What do people think? Is this hard to do?



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ziq wrote

Support, this would be amazing.

Can anyone pull this off? I'm looking at you, jstpst ppl.


leftous wrote

Isn't this technically like a classic forum view? Pre-reddit forums always ordered topics by most recent comments. So it definitely is possible


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

I'm sure it's possible - I ask about how hard it is because I know that emma's usually got a long queue of stuff she's doing already, and depending on how easy it is I get more or less excited about an idea :)


ziq wrote

Check out emma's comments in the postmill matrix.


WindTalk wrote (edited )

Quantity, count of comments? Reddit has always suffered from sticky posts where people comment and argue, but do not up-vote the main posting.

Related: Does Postmill allow multi-factor sorts? Time + upvotes? "Most upvote topic in past 7 days"?

Technology, performance: perhaps restrict server-punishing to an offline (server cron/batch job) static generation cache, once every 4 hours?


shanoxilt wrote

I would also like to request a way to hide votes and also to randomize comments (like Reddit's contest mode) .