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ziq wrote (edited )

This could work, but we might need to find ways to mitigate how this might negatively affect forums that are just starting up.

New forums can still be promoted in f/newforums, and submissions to them would still show up in /all. But should people even be promoting forums before they've submitted about 10 posts to them to show what purpose the forum serves and get people interested enough to subscribe?

It might be worthwhile to have a way to retire forums that have been inactive for some time and have below a certain number of submissions, and have those no longer be listed on the forums lists - maybe on some old archival 'retired forums' list, which people could un-retire by becoming the mod for it.

Yeah this is worth thinking about too.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Ok I support this.

Though I think there should probably be an option to see the forums that don't make the list, or there will be a bunch of ghost forums just floating around invisibly, potentially also getting in the way of people who end up trying to make the same forum again.
A retire function might resolve that.