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_ziq_ wrote (edited )

Don't attack people for not being as advantaged as you. Especially when you're the most ignorant person here.

What exactly was your point about jewish people and nuclear weapons? Because it made no fucking sense.


Whatsthepoint wrote

This entire thread is an attack on me.

He has the internet, containing enough knowledge, so not really about advantage about not knowing about the history of the nuclear bomb. It's easy to find.

My point regarding the bomb and the Nazi's love of it, I believe I have already covered.

I've not stated any opinion of the bomb (though I did perhaps mention some positives regarding advances made possible by the Manhattan project)

The scientists who developed the base theory (such as Einstein) and other who were involved in and lead the project were Jewish.

To me, that doesn't really make any difference. Jew, gentile, who gives a fuck. They were great men. Some intelligent person might say that in creating the bomb, they became death, the destroyer of world's. But they were still great men.

To try and deny that, to become a revisionist regarding historical facts is stupid.

"Nuclear bombs are bad, so if you say the people instrumental in their creation were Jewish, you are an anti-semite." Is all very well and good, until aliens attack, and it's only because the planet had so many nukes we managed to fight them off, then denying that the people instrumental in their creation were Jewish becomes anti-Semitic.

So what? We change the facts of history to suit our current cultural narrative? Or worse still the current conversation we are having?

That way lies madness.


_ziq_ wrote (edited )

This entire thread is an attack on me.

That doesn't justify low key classism / ageism / ableism.