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disfalo OP wrote (edited )

someone who clearly doesn't understand the concept of satire with any kind of defensive statement.

You said "Interesting choice of name, should we tell them most of the nuclear scientists behind nuclear physics and certainly the bomb were Jewish?". Maybe you're ignorant, or you just want to focus specifically on Jews. Are all of these people Jews? I've only heard nazis blame Jews for the nuclear bomb.

Control-F Jew: 11 matches; Control-F commie: 5 matches. That's not satire, that's not ingenious nor funny. It's just the bunch hate words only white supremacists say.

According to the TOS:

What sets this site apart from others is our no-tolerance policy for bigotry and reactionary ideology. Users that demonstrate a pattern of intolerance or attempt to use as a platform for far-right ideas and bigotry will be seen as violating these Terms of Service and will be banned from using this site.

Sure, you can quote "Jews should be killed" and pretend you are just being sarcastic. But your history betrays the lie.


Whatsthepoint wrote

ok, I'll bite, just for the shits and giggles.

Maybe you're ignorant, or you just want to focus specifically on Jews. Are all of these people Jews? I've only heard nazis blame Jews for the nuclear bomb.

First off, let's start with a little history lesson. I don't know if you are aware of this, but Hitler, didn't count Jewish people in his top 10 all time top peoples, rumour has it, they didn't even make the top 20.

As such notable jewish scientists, who were blazing the trail in our collective understanding of physics at the atomic level were often underfunded, and ostracised, long before the violent and human rights violating persecutions began.

The people at the fore front of this science, the brilliant minds that have done much to shape our modern world. were Jewish. As with many things in high end physics, it was all very theoretical - this was after all, long before the french and the swiss decided to build their giant undergound black-hole flavoured donut factory C.E.R.N.

Herr Hitler, (being a bit of an egomaniac and acording to some, quite maniacle in nature, and an all round bad egg,) considered this new type of physics as "dirty" because it was all based on the work of Jewish scientists.

Albert Einstien, and Enrico Fermi (whose wife was jewish) are the big names everyone knows. But the other leaders in this field, such as: Klaus Fuchs, Edward Teller, james Franck etc. you may not have.

The entire field of nuclear physics is still to this day entirely underpinned by Albert Einstien.

They all fled Germany for the states, and were instrumental in providing their expertise to the bomb Albert Einstein had first thought up, under the guidance of mr oppenheimer (Clue - not a standard American surname)

This fact, was not raised to lay blame on the Jewish people for providing the world with carbon free nuclear power, medicinal radiography, carbon dating, the nuclear bomb, or otherwise.

It was to point out the absurdity in a neo-nazi group hating jews, while exalting the bomb.

An absurdity doubled by the fact that oppenheimer (jewish) was not only the "father of the bomb", but his lab was the one that created the "radiation" symbol they put on their flag.

fun fact - the first ICBM developed by America, was the work of many jewish scientists who fled the nazi regime (payload), sat atop the work of the German rocket scientists who supported the nazi regime (and were captured by the Americans and spared jail in exchange for technology) - And they say capitalism doesn't make the world a better place.

As for your word count, I refer you to wikipedia:

List of comedic devices


Repetition is the essential comedic device and is often used in combination with other devices to reinforce them.


_ziq_ wrote

Why do you call him Herr Hitler?


Whatsthepoint wrote

It's a fairly well known, WW2 era belittlement aimed at Hitler.

He was a grandiose, egomaniac.

So the term 'herr Hitler' or 'Mr Hitler' was used as a wind up / put down.

You're not some great visionary emperor like, statesman who deserves a special title, you're just a silly angry man, and you're going to lose.

Was featured also in songs e.g.... "who do you think you are kidding mr Hitler"

Think of it like, calling Trump, Mr trump instead of president Trump.


disfalo OP wrote

Herr Hitler

So you call Adolf Hitler, Mr. Hitler ("Herr" means "Sir" or "Mister" in German [], interesting).

Enrico Fermi (whose wife was jewish)

... No comments...

The development of the nuclear bomb was based upon lots of research, different countries developed it and most of the scientists working on it weren't Jews. But you, instead of saying it was a joke, wrote several paragraphs trying to make people think that because Einstein and Oppenheimer were Jews, the nuclear bomb was developed.

Maybe you just have a weird sense of humor, but I don't believe you. You just talk like a nazi.


Whatsthepoint wrote

I've answered you first point elsewhere.

As for your comments regarding the development of nuclear weapons.

Serious question, have you actually finished school?


_ziq_ wrote (edited )

Don't attack people for not being as advantaged as you. Especially when you're the most ignorant person here.

What exactly was your point about jewish people and nuclear weapons? Because it made no fucking sense.


Whatsthepoint wrote

This entire thread is an attack on me.

He has the internet, containing enough knowledge, so not really about advantage about not knowing about the history of the nuclear bomb. It's easy to find.

My point regarding the bomb and the Nazi's love of it, I believe I have already covered.

I've not stated any opinion of the bomb (though I did perhaps mention some positives regarding advances made possible by the Manhattan project)

The scientists who developed the base theory (such as Einstein) and other who were involved in and lead the project were Jewish.

To me, that doesn't really make any difference. Jew, gentile, who gives a fuck. They were great men. Some intelligent person might say that in creating the bomb, they became death, the destroyer of world's. But they were still great men.

To try and deny that, to become a revisionist regarding historical facts is stupid.

"Nuclear bombs are bad, so if you say the people instrumental in their creation were Jewish, you are an anti-semite." Is all very well and good, until aliens attack, and it's only because the planet had so many nukes we managed to fight them off, then denying that the people instrumental in their creation were Jewish becomes anti-Semitic.

So what? We change the facts of history to suit our current cultural narrative? Or worse still the current conversation we are having?

That way lies madness.


_ziq_ wrote (edited )

This entire thread is an attack on me.

That doesn't justify low key classism / ageism / ableism.