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Ant wrote (edited )

This was fun

dellitsni now holds the new record for most upvotes on a post!

Meaningless records are among the best kind

So far as vote manipulation goes, I think it's worthwhile to keep an eye out against in at least this kind of case: Where it's used to systematically demoralise raddle posters in general or individual posters on raddle as part of a divide and conquer approach. Here there would not be 200+ votes in one go, just the right amount of downvotes well-placed


Defasher wrote

I saw emma undo downvote brigades before, back when we were on voat's radar. Thank Soros for our renewed obscurity.


dele_ted wrote

I'm very honored to be the lucky holder of this completely useless record, thank you!

Exactly, I'm just worried that it'll be used stealthily to destroy the otherwise very comfortable atmosphere we have around here by carefully downvoting here and there, downvoting new users etc. But i think ziq is right, we need to change our attitude towards these votes altogether.