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ziq wrote (edited )

What's the point of the email field when registering then?

The registration page explains that. It's optional; for in case you forget your password and need to reset it. The reset link is sent to the email address if you provide one.

Putting restrictions on the usage of the site to fight potential vote manipulation would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Just ignore the votes, they're meaningless anyway. Hierarchies are for fools.

Pretty impressed by your bot though :)


dele_ted wrote

That's the perfect attitude towards voting systems, i can see what you mean. I just assumed votes was treated much like they are on Reddit. Glad to see it being done properly.

Thanks! It was pretty fun to make, i love having small projects such as this to cool down after a long day.


ziq wrote (edited )

Can I get my 200 downvotes now?

I'll get it kickstarted..

Fuck Chomsky.


Defasher wrote

Really though, Chomsky is shit. Bloke needs to get off his pedestal.