/user/lustysociety banned

Submitted by ziq in meta (edited )

For doxxing a trans anarchist, misgendering her, linking to a hate site, etc.

I'll also delete his f/lustysociety subforum if there are no objections. Reactionary garbage has no place here.


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evilsjw wrote

What a loss. /s

And what was this whole "lusty society" thing even about? I read through his website just now, however none of what he writes seems to make any sense and it all just sounds like some weird sect that he came up with.


ArbitraryHuman wrote

"Here lies lustysociety, a piece of shit bourgie scum who decided to join a leftist site and got rightfully bashed."


RespectWomen wrote

Wow, I’ve lost all respect that I had for him.


ziq wrote (edited )

Why did you have even an ounce of respect for that fool? He told a rape victim to "touch more men" before this latest incident.